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What our customer say about us

David Keane has worked with ourselves in developing and delivering a suite of psychometric tests for a group of senior managers. The work proved to be invaluable as part of a balanced assessment and David’s personal ownership of and interest in the interpretation of results and their significance to the company was insightful. Nothing was too much trouble and we highly recommend David  and the expertise he undoubtedly has in the whole topic.

Neuravi was a start-up MedTech company in 2011 when we first engaged Organisational Solutions and our HR focus at the time was on getting every hire right.  Our philosophy was simple – every hiring error represented a substantial portion of our workforce and, therefore, would cost us significantly both in terms of productivity as well as absorbing valuable management time.  We sold the business to J&J in 2017 with a team of 35 professionals spread across the US and Europe.  J&J saw the technological capabilities of our team and created a Neuro Technology Centre in Galway with Neuravi as its core.  This team has grown to about 80 engineers and scientists and is a powerhouse of innovation and R&D execution.  When J&J acquired Neuravi they didn’t just buy products and intellectual property, they also acquired a cohesive dynamic team capable of designing, developing, manufacturing and commercializing leading edge technologies.  Organisational Solutions played a central and continuous role in the building of that team.

What do we do?

While Covid-19 completely stopped work for some industries, it simultaneously caused the working environment, and daily regime, to fast forward about 10 years for many sectors. We were always going to end up working somewhat like this. That is, cutting down on commuting, taking a greener approach of working from home maybe 3 days a week, and only going into the office when we really have to.

However, we didn’t have 10 years to prepare for this change; for most of us, it happened overnight. As a result, the assessment process has to change to suit the new circumstances we find ourselves in. Everything has changed – this is covered in more detail under our specific services. This is what we do; we find solutions for our clients, grounded in our expertise in Organisational Psychology and decades of experience because the world doesn’t wait for anyone; if you don’t adapt quickly, you quickly become irrelevant.

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