Our Expertise lies in our Ability to:

Psychology in the Workplace

Understand the culture of our clients. We provide bespoke scientifically-grounded interventions integrating key Organisational Psychology techniques that add exceptional value and produce tangible and measurable results. We believe there is only one place worth beginning – finding out what our clients want. We talk to our clients, we listen to their needs, we think about how we can assist and we make suggestions about what we can do to help. If we don’t get everything right the first time, we talk about how we can approach things differently.  We tailor our interventions to provide our clients with the most effective and efficient service that is specific to their organisational culture and business needs.

Over the past 15 years, we have become known for our ability to create and change (if necessary) specific cultures. This has worked particularly well with start-ups, where we have had great successes, not only in our job as “Culture Creators”, but with start-ups that have gone on to be incredibly successful, many being acquired by multinational conglomerates.


To bring together expert Organisational Psychologists and some of the best Executive and Business Coaches in Ireland. Although fully qualified and expert Coaches, we keep up to date with all the latest techniques and applications in psychology and neuroscience, so that when we work with clients, they know that the service they receive is the most cutting edge in thought leadership.

Psychometric Testing

To utilise Psychometric Testing the way it is meant to be used. This is something we are extremely passionate about, as any of our clients will testify to. Psychometric Testing is primarily designed to support hiring and promotion decisions, by telling you information about candidates that cannot be obtained any other way. CVs and interviews will not tell you whether a candidate will fit into your company’s culture. They will not tell you how a candidate will interact with existing employees and whether they will be committed to their role. Our CEO is a firm believer that Psychometric Testing will play an ever more important role in the selection process, particularly with so many assessments now being done virtually.

By chance, he has always been a believer in new technology and was one of the first well-known psychologists in Ireland to really embrace the practice of online testing. This gives him and Organisational Solutions Ltd a distinct advantage over other consultancies when it comes to assessing candidates with a significant percentage of the population working from home.